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How To Care For Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin Brazilian Hair
12A Grade

Virgin Peruvian Hair
12A Grade
$79.50 Per Bundle
10 Inches Up To 18 Inches


100% Virgin Unprocessed 12A Hair Extensions
Top Premium Quality At Affordable Prices
Always In Stock, In Style & In Budget

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Which hair care products to use with Virgin Hair Extensions?

Just as you do with your own hair, you should use moisturizing, alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner.  Once you wash your extensions, the hair will revert back to its original pattern.  If you want to keep the hair soft and manageable, conditioning is important.  Use a deep conditioner once a week.  Avoid oily or heavy styling products. If you are using hair spray or gel to maintain curls, make sure you wash it out often because, over time, those hair products can make your Pelo Diva Virgin Hair Extensions appear limp and oily.



How should I treat Virgin Hair Extensions in the morning?

We recommend you comb or brush your hair in the morning with a wide-tooth comb or a loop brush. Hold your Pelo Diva Hair as if in a ponytail. Gently brush in downward motion starting from the ends of the hair and move upwards to where the extensions attach to your hair. Be careful to not pull Pelo Diva Hair at the root of your hair. This will prevent excessive pulling and your extensions will last longer.




How should I treat Virgin Hair Extensions at night?

Make sure your Pelo Diva Virgin Hair Extensions is completely dry when you go to bed. Braid your Pelo Diva Hair in large loose braids, bun or comb and brush your Pelo Diva Virgin Hair Extensions into a wrap around your head and cover with a satin or silk scarf every night before bed.


Can I go swimming with my Virgin Hair Extensions?

Yes, but you might want to braid your Pelo Diva Virgin Hair Extensions or pull it into a ponytail before you go swimming to prevent tangles. Wash Pelo Diva Hair afterward and make sure it is well conditioned. We recommend using a spray-in conditioner when you get out of the water to keep Pelo Diva Virgin Hair Extensions soft and manageable.


Can Virgin Hair Extensions Curly Hair be straightened?

Yes. All Pelo Diva Virgin Hair Extensions can be straighten or curled to match your desired style.  It is highly recommended to using heat protection products to creates a thermal protective shield that helps guard your virgin hair extensions against damage from heat and friction caused by styling tools, helping to keep your virgin hair extensions shiny and soft.


How often should I care for my Virgin Hair Extensions?

To get a natural-looking Pelo Diva Virgin Hair Extensions, you need natural-looking, healthy hair and a talented stylist with experience installing weaving products. Pelo Diva Virgin Hair Extensions is the first step towards achieving a beautiful and natural-looking weave. Some other factors, include:


Sew-In Flip-Over Method: is basically one of many installation methods that will minimize shedding by flipping the hair extension weft over when starting a new roll instead of cutting the virgin hair extension weft.  The Flip-Over method is very helpful as well as convenient if you are planning to reuse your virgin hair extensions.

  • ​The braid pattern. The braid pattern is the base to which your Pelo Diva Virgin Hair Extensions will be applied. A good braid pattern will make your hair flow and move naturally.

  • The amount of hair. Too much or too little hair can make Pelo Diva Hair look unnatural and fake. Having too little Pelo Diva Hair installed can make the weave look thin and stringy. The right amount of hair usually ranges from 8 to 12 ounces for long hair weaves.  

  • Depending on how full you want your hair to look, anything over 16 inches we would recommend purchasing 3 to 4 bundles.  Anything under 16 inches 2 to 3 bundles will work out fine for a nice full look. 


  • The right cut. Once Pelo Diva Hair is installed, the virgin hair extensions should be properly layered or thinned using thinning shears or a razor. Natural hair is never exactly one length.  Layering Pelo Diva Hair will make it look natural by taking some of the bulk out of the hair.


  • Proper maintenance.  Even the best-quality hair will not look its best unless it is properly maintained. You should wash your Pelo Diva Hair as often as you wish. We recommend washing it at least once a week so oils and hair products don’t build up. Proper conditioning will keep your Pelo Diva Virgin Hair Extensions looking shiny and healthy.


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